We firmly believe that a website has a unique definition and purpose for each company and thus each website design should be unique and should be able to define the company specifically using the best possible website designing tools and latest website development.



  • Upto 15 professionally designed web pages
  • Unique website design (No Templates)
  • Upto 3 Flash animations (maximum 5 clips per animation)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • All data to be provided by you
  • Includes careful copyrighting of data provided
  • Search Engine friendly designs
  • Includes 1 domain (.com, .org, .net) for 1 Year
  • Includes 100 MB Web Hosting for 1 year
  • Projected Duration: 15-21 days


  • Upto 5 professionally designed Web pages
  • Unique website design (No Templates)
  • 1 Flash Animation (max 3 clips)
  • Search Engine Submission.
  • All data to be provided by Customer
  • Includes 1 domain (.com, .org, .net) for 1 Year
  • Includes 50 MB Web hosting for 1 year
  • Projected Duration: 10-15 days


  • Select Approximate pages
  • Would you provide us the data
  • Do you Require copyrighting
  • Include Domain registration
  • Include Web hosting? No,20MB, 50MB, 100MB
  • Required Dynamic pages? brief description

Some example definitions of website design and web development for various organizations are :-

For a Manufacturing industry:-

A website is a product catalogue for its prospective customers, a website is a company profile for its visitors, a website acts as a marketing agent for selling its products throughout the world.

For a Retail store:-

A website is a showcase of products that the store sells, an information board related to activities and new arrivals in the store. A place where the prospective and existing customers can come and find the latest information about the company.

For a service provider:-

A website is a brochure of services that the company provides, a portfolio for its visitors where they can identify and analyze the capabilities of the company.

For an online business firm:-

A website is the real market where visitors are actually converted to customers without even the company telling them about their products or talking or meeting physically with the customer. In this world of technology where a website has numerous definitions for all people there is one thing that doesn't change in all the cases - A Website is a Mirror to Your Real Identity in The world.

In the world looking for a web presence you would agree that your identity in the world is unique and so should be your website design and the information on the website.

At Chevronne we believe in creating a unique website design and custom web development for your organization. Thus, we keep the following important points in mind while planning your web presence:

  • Intrigue details about your physical identity (even to the level of your office infrastructure)
  • Deep understanding of your target market and the types of visitors expected on website
  • Your customer handling and converting techniques
  • Your aims and goals for launching a website
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